55 Gal Drum Styrene Monomer, inhibited

55 Gal Drum Styrene Monomer, inhibited

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CAS 100-42-5

Styrene (vinyl benzene, styrene monomer SM) is a colorless to yellowish oily liquid with a distinctive aromatic odor. It is sparingly soluble in water but soluble in alcohols, ethers and carbon disulfide. This valuable monomer is flammable, reactive and toxic. Styrene Monomer is a light liquid. It has a low vapor pressure and high refractive index. It is chemically reactive and udergoes polymerization readily (by heat, light or peroxide catalysts). Polymerization results in volumetric shrinkage (17%) and exothermic heat (17.8 Kcal/mole).

Physical state :  Liquid. [Oily liquid.]

Color: Colorless. Yellowish. Yellow.

Odor :Sweetish. Pleasant.

Odor threshold :01 ppm

Melting point : -31°C (-23.8°F)


 Net 400 Lbs Drum


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